Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse is the foundation for Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence terms together refer to the delivering of the entire end to end solution from the source extracts to the queries and applications that the business users interact with.


The emergence of Data warehouse stems from the necessity to separate data for  querying and analysis from the data for transaction processing as the first need to be structured around business terms and model that make sense to the end user.

As the business requirements for building the Data Warehouse are usually unknown at the start the development does not lend itself to the classical waterfall development methodology

In order to understand the requirements for building a data warehouse an iterative approach through building and analyzing prototypes needs to be applied.

Building datawarehouse prototypes quickly and populating them with data enhances the capability to understand the  requirements for building and delivering successful BI/DWH projects.

Wherescape RED is a data warehouse prototyping and deployment tool made to specifically address the need to Design, Prototype(build and document) Deploy and Maintain(operate and enhance) the Data warehouse fast.


Services provided by Innova Consult cover the entire Data Warehouse Lifecycle using Wherescape RED to provide customers with a comprehensive BI/DWH solution including also:

  • design and development of a reliable ETL process
  • physical database implementation 
  • design of technical architecture